Plate metal detector (DMP)


Plate metal detector (DMP)

Flat metal detector (DMP)

The DMP type plate metal detector is designed to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals in piece goods or bulk materials up to 200 mm high.  The metal detector protects process machines against damage caused by metal contamination, prevents production downtime, ensures product quality and protects against complaints. It is also used as an additional level of protection after the magnetic separator.

The DMP type plate metal detector is reliable, easy to use and designed for continuous operation. The metal detector is characterized by high metal detection sensitivity, but its precision decreases with the distance from its surface. The detector's design allows for simple integration with an existing production line and conveyor system.

Performance features of the plate metal detector from Magnetix

  • Optimal detection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as stainless steel.
  • High scanning sensitivity across the entire width of the conveyor belt.
  • Simple installation on the conveyor structure under the belt.
  • Adaptable to all types of belt conveyors.
  • Working width of metal detector from 250 to 2800 mm.
  • High resistance to vibration, shocks, and temperature fluctuations.
  • Intuitive operation via membrane keyboard.
  • Electronic adjustment of scanning sensitivity.
  • Automatic product learning with material effect compensation.
  • Memory for 10 different products.

Applications areas of the plate metal detector

  • Detection of metal contaminants in mining ore: limestone, basalt, hard and brown coal.
  • Protection of processing machinery such as crushers, shredders, mills and screens.
  • Detection of metals at various stages of production of cement, limestone flour and construction mixtures.
  • Metal detection at coaling stations in power plants and heating plants.
  • Metal detection at biomass and alternative fuel unloading and feeding stations.
  • Testing of rubber ribbon in the car tire production process.
  • Detection of metals in wood chips in chipboard production installations.
  • Detection of metals in cullet to ensure 100% purity of the furnace feedstock.
  • Metal detection in waste recycling processes.
  • Detection of metals in agricultural produce at receiving installations in processing plants (potatoes, sugar beets, cereals).
  • Testing of fruit sent to cold stores and processing plants.
  • Detection of metals in feed mixtures.


Plate metal detector during operation

Versions of the plate metal detector

  • Metal detector in a dustproof and rainproof IP 65 version.
  • Explosion-proof metal detector in accordance with the requirements of the ATEX directive.
  • Optical and acoustic signal system.
  • Digital incident counter.
  • Belt conveyor control systems (belt stopping or reversing).
  • Marking the position of metal on the conveyor belt (marking with paint or a sandbag).
  • Electronic marker indicating the position of metal on the conveyor belt (multiple marking).

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