Units for separation of metals from coal and alternative fuels


    Units for separation of metals from clinker, limestone, granite and other mineral resources

  • Recycling

    Units and complete systems for the recovery of metals in the recycling processes of various materials


    Complete magnetic systems for the transport and handling of steel

  • Food industry

    Units for detection and separation of metals in food


Grate magnets (SM SMA)

The magnetic grate type SM is intended for removal of fine iron contaminants from fine-grained bulk materials transported on free-fall chutes.

The SM magnetic grate prevents consumer against eating dangerous metal pieces.

High intensity of magnetic field provides to capture of iron particles, filings, rust and other low magnetic susceptibility contaminants.

Applications of magnetic grate

The magnetic grate type SM is designed for installation in vertical gravity chutes to capture fine iron contaminants from free-falling loose materials with a grain size up to 5 mm:

  • Sugar, salt, flour, gluten, coffee, powdered milk, spices and dried vegetables.
  • Cereals, fodders and fodders additives.
  • Chips, shavings, sawdust and wood dust.
  • Grits, sands, meals and other mineral substances.
  • Plastic granules, flakes etc.


Versions of magnetic grate

  • Magnetic grate with manual cleaning type SM
  • Self-cleaning magnetic grate type SMA

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