Magnetic block (PMT)


Magnetic block (PMT)

Magnetic block (PMT)

The PMT type magnetic block is intended for removal of ferrous metals from bulk materials transported on belt conveyors or vibrating feeders. The magnetic block protects mills, crushers and other technological machines against damage caused by iron parts such as screws, pipe pieces, bearings or crusher teeth. The magnetic block requires manual cleaning of captured metals.

The magnetic block is reliable and very durable. It has high metal separation efficiency. The ferrite or neodymium permanent magnets used in the magnetic block have high coercivity, which makes them difficult to demagnetize. Therefore, the magnetic block has a long service life.

Performance features of the magnetic block from Magnetix

  • Customized design of the magnetic block.
  • Optimal adaptation to the width and speed of the conveyor belt.
  • Easy removal of captured metals using a rubber apron or metal scraper.
  • Magnetic circuit with deep magnetic field and high flux density.
  • Working distance (magnetic field range) up to 500 mm in accordance with DIN VDE 0580.
  • Working temperature up to 150°C.

Applications areas of the magnetic block

  • Separation of tramp metal from coal, granite, limestone, basalt and other aggregates to protect mills and crushers.
  • Removal of metal contaminants at particular stages of cement production.
  • Purification of grit, sand, flour and other mineral materials.
  • Removal of tramp iron from moulding sand.
  • Purification of cullet, rubber, plastics and other materials coming from recycling.
  • Purification of chips, shavings and other shredded wood materials.
  • Installation on mobile screens and crushers (light neodymium separators).


Magnetic block during operation

Versions of the magnetic block

  • PMT-F type magnetic block made of ferrite magnets.
  • PMT-N type magnetic block made of high-power neodymium magnets.
  • SE type electromagnetic block made of direct current coils.

At the customer's request, the magnetic block can be equipped with a metal scraper, a supporting structure and adjustable chain slings.


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