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    Units for separation of metals from coal and alternative fuels


    Units for separation of metals from clinker, limestone, granite and other mineral resources

  • Recycling

    Units and complete systems for the recovery of metals in the recycling processes of various materials


    Complete magnetic systems for the transport and handling of steel

  • Food industry

    Units for detection and separation of metals in food


Eddy current separator type SWP 26B is intended for removal of non-ferrous metals with grain size over 1 mm from bulk or crushed material fed to the separator.

Eddy current separator type SWP 20B is intended for removal of non-ferrous metals with grain size over 10 mm from bulk or crushed material fed to the separator.


Non-ferrous metal separators

Among all our devices probably the most important ones are eddy current separators. They are responsible for isolating non-ferrous metals from transported loose materials. Our devices react to such metals as:

- aluminium,
- aluminum,
- copper,
- zinc,
- brass, bronze and similar metal alloys.

Principle of operation

Non-ferrous metal separators operate thanks to eddy currents, which are generated as a result of changes in the high frequency magnetic field. The eddy current separator is equipped with a high-speed magnetic rotor, which - as a result of changes in the magnetic field - generates eddy currents. The particles found in the magnetic field are rejected (isolated) from the transported raw material by the eddy currents.

The usage of eddy current devices should take place after prior purification of the raw material from ferromagnetic metals by appropriate magnetic devices. It will provide an extended trouble-free operation and the highest efficiency.

Applications of eddy current devices

Non-ferrous metal separators are mainly used in recycling installations for various types of waste as well as production of raw materials from mixed waste

- municipal waste recycling,
- recycling of plastic, glass and wood waste, etc.,
- production of alternative fuels,
- utilization of cars and household appliances,
- metal recovery from various types of slags.

Functional accessories

We prepared a wide variety of additional accessories, which allow you to obtain the highest degree of metal recovery, as well as equipment adapted to the specification of the product, such as:

- high-frequency eddy current separators with a special rotor design and elements made of Kevlar for high efficiency of metal isolation above 1 mm,
- wear-resistant components for raw materials, which cause accelerated machine wear,
- vibrating feeder feeding the raw material to the device,
- magnetic device integrated with the eddy current separator, which allows the isolation of all metals in one device,
- rotating brush for cleaning the belt,
- housing in dustproof design, intended for extraction of dust, including hazardous and flammable materials,
- supporting structure for the foundation and service platforms, intended for easy access to the device and its simple servicing,
- an additional separator installed at the outlet of the eddy current device, which allows the stainless steel isolation.

The eddy current separators manufactured by Magnetix have a special construction, which allows a quick replacement of the belt (naturally wearing element). Magnetix service technicians are able to replace the tape in a very short time, which prevents unnecessary production downtime of the customer’s installation.

Stock and constant manufacturing process ensure our customers a trouble-free and fast delivery of spare parts throughout Europe.

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