Magnetix Sp. z o.o.


Technology park in Toruń
Ulica gen. Marii Wittek 2
87-100 Toruń

Tel.: +48 56 653 94 40
Tel.: +48 56 659 17 77

Registration authority: District Court in Toruń 7th Commercial Division
National Court Register KRS: 0000442318
TIN: PL8792669093
Identification number REGON: 341363218
Share capital: 3,005,000.00 PLN

Branch No. 2

Cierpice, ulica Poznańska 9
87-103 Toruń

Chairman of the Board

Jarosław Schwarz


Sales department

Eng. Piotr Durczak
Sales Director
Tel.: +48 693 904 405

Eng. Grzegorz Barylski
Tel.: +48 607 430 967


Paweł Czerwonka
Tel.: +48 607 507 247

Eng. Mateusz Wolski
Tel.: +48 693 836 028

Eng. Adam Ludwiszewski

Eng. Tomasz Sasinowski
Accounting and HR
Małgorzata Schulz -Zielaskowska
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