Wet drum separator RM


Wet drum separator RM

Magnetic recuperator (RM)

The RM type wet drum separator is designed for automatic separation of ferromagnetics from liquid raw materials. The RM separator is used in heavy liquid purification systems in coal mines, where it recovers valuable magnetite.

The RM wet drum separator is reliable, very durable and designed for continuous operation. The magnetic separator is characterized by high metal separation efficiency. The ferrite or neodymium permanent magnets used in the magnetic drum have high coercivity, which makes them difficult to demagnetize. Therefore, the wet drum separator has a long service life.

Performance features of the wet drum separator from Magnetix

  • Made-to-measure wet drum separator according to individual requirements.
  • Robust and durable design for continuous operation 24/7 under difficult working conditions.
  • High efficiency of magnetite recovery compared to competitive solutions.
  • Ferrite or neodymium magnetic drum with high magnetic field intensity.
  • High coercive magnetic material.
  • Working width of the wet drum separator up to 3000 mm.
  • Diameter of the magnetic drum up to 1200 mm.
  • Drum drive - NORD or SEW helical-bevel gear motor. Other manufacturer on request.
  • Accessories from leading manufacturers.

Wet drum separator during operation

Versions of the wet drum separator

  • RM-F type wet drum separator
    Equipped with a ferrite magnetic drum with medium magnetic field intensity.
  • RM-N type wet drum separator
    Equipped with a neodymium magnetic drum with high magnetic field intensity.
  • Wet drum separator with the co-current tank
    The liquid mass flows in the same direction as the drum rotation.
  • Wet drum separator with the counter-current tank
    The liquid mass flows in the opposite direction as the drum rotation.
  • Acid-resistant steel design for use in aggressive environments.

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