In-line magnetic separator SRM


In-line magnetic separator SRM

Magnetic cone separator (SMS)

The SRM type in-line magnetic separator (magnetic bullet) is designed to remove iron contaminants from bulk materials (granulation up to 20 mm) in free fall or pneumatic systems. The in-line separator protects process machines against damage caused by metal contamination, prevents production downtime and ensures product quality. The SMR separator also protects the consumer against eating dangerous metal pieces and is a perfect complement to a metal detector.

The SRM bullet magnet is reliable, very robust and designed for continuous operation. The bullet magnet is characterized by high metal separation efficiency. The ferrite or neodymium permanent magnets used in the SRM-magnet have high coercivity, which makes them difficult to demagnetize. Therefore, the in-line separator has a long service life.

Performance features of the in-line separator from Magnetix

  • Custom made in-line separator according to individual requirements.
  • Robust and durable design ensuring long service life.
  • Made with approval for the food industry.
  • Easy cleaning from captured metals.
  • Simple installation in a gravity chute.
  • Inlet diameter up to 700 mm.
  • Ferrite or neodymium magnetic element (bullet).
  • Magnetic flux density up to 8000 Gauss in the neodymium version.
  • High coercive magnetic material.
  • Dustproof separator housing made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • Operating temperature up to 150°C.
  • Working pressure up to 0.8 bar.

Applications of the bullet magnet

  • Removal of metal contaminants from sugar, salt, flour, coffee, powdered milk, spices, dried vegetables and other bulk food products with granulation up to 20 mm.
  • Separation of metals from grain, feed and feed additives.
  • Purification of wood chips, shavings, sawdust and wood dust.
  • Purification of grit, sand and flour.
  • Purification of plastic granulates.


In-line separator during operation

Versions of the in-line separator

  • SRM-F type in-line magnetic separator
    Equipped with ferrite magnetic element with medium magnetic field intensity designed to remove larger metal contaminants from the transported material, such as screws, bolts and other broken machine parts.
  • SRM-N type in-line magnetic separator
    Equipped with neodymium magnetic element with high magnetic field intensity designed to remove small metal contaminants from the transported material, such as bearing balls, metal filings, iron oxides and others with a small adhesion surface to the magnet and weakly magnetically susceptible.

Depending on the version, the magnetic element may have a permanent or removable cover that facilitates cleaning of the magnet from any metal contamination.

Working principle of the in-line separator

The contaminated product passes through the separator inlet and hits a bullet magnet placed in its path. The conical head of the bullet magnet distributes the product evenly over the entire separator. Ferrous impurities are attracted by the bullet magnet and accumulate behind the pole pieces, while the purified product leaves the separator through the outlet. The separator is cleaned by opening the inspection door and removing the protective cover of the bullet magnet. Metals fall off automatically as a result of the removal of the magnetic field.

Why choose our in-line separators?

Magnetic in-line separators are produced in many variants, adapted to the industry, the processed raw material and working conditions. The high quality of workmanship and effectiveness of our solutions have gained recognition among customers around the world. In addition to the standard catalog offer, we specialize in the production of in-line separators for individual orders, also according to: entrusted design documentation. The separator housing is a laser-welded body made of stainless or acid-resistant steel. In a special version, a mechanism has been developed for quick and safe opening and cleaning of the bullet magnet installed in the separator.

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