Magnetic separators


Electromagnetic separator STE

Separation of ferrous metals from bulk materials transported on belt conveyors using an electromagnet.

Overband magnetic separator STM

Separation of ferrous metals from bulk materials transported on belt conveyors using a permanent magnet.

Overband magnet PMT

Removal of tramp iron from bulk materials transported on belt conveyors or vibrating feeders.

Eddy current separator SWP

Separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals from bulk or crushed materials.

Magnetic pulley BM

Separation of ferrous metals from bulk materials transported on belt conveyors. A perfect complement to the overband separator.

Wet drum separator RM

Separation of ferromagnetics (e.g. magnetite) from liquid raw materials.

Drum magnetic separator SBM

Separation of tramp iron from medium- and fine-grained bulk materials in gravity chutes.

Magnetic drum BMR

Separation of ferrous metals from bulk materials transported by gravity or fed using a vibrating feeder.

Magnetic plate PM

Removal of ferrous contaminants from bulk materials transported on belt conveyors or in gravity chutes.

Plate magnetic separator SPM

Removal of iron contaminants from bulk materials in free fall systems. Material granulation up to 20 mm.

In-line magnetic separator SRM

Removal of iron contaminants from bulk materials in free fall or pneumatic systems. Material granulation up to 20 mm.

Magnetic grate SMP

Removal of the smallest iron contaminants from fine-grained bulk materials in free fall systems with the highest efficiency.

Magnetic grid SMA

Automatic removal of the smallest iron contaminants from fine-grained bulk materials in free fall systems with the highest efficiency.

Magnetic filter FM

Removal of the smallest iron contaminants from liquid and paste products in pressure pipelines.

Magnetic separators from Magnetix

Modern, reliable and very durable magnetic separators, electromagnetic separators and eddy current separators from Magnetix operate in many industries. They are used, among others, in mines, cement plants, power plants, chipboard production plants, agricultural produce processing plants, food production plants, municipal waste sorting plants and recycling plants.

Separation systems from Magnetix protect process machines against damage caused by metal contamination, prevent production downtime and ensure high product quality. Magnets used in the food industry protect consumers against consuming pieces of metal that are hazardous to health. Magnetic separators are characterized by very high durability in difficult operating conditions. Regardless of whether they work in a cold store or in a dusty mine, they ensure the highest separation efficiency and the highest level of product purity.

Magnetic separators and eddy current separators from Magnetix recover ferrous metals and valuable non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, magnesium, zinc and silver with high efficiency during the sorting of municipal waste, valorization of slags from waste incineration plants, disposal of cars and household appliances, or recycling of electronic waste. Non-ferrous metal separators clean secondary raw materials such as plastics and glass. They are also used to separate non-ferrous metals from RDF alternative fuels. Separators from Magnetix are characterized by a high level of recovery with relatively low energy consumption.

How magnetic separator work?

A magnetic separator is a device designed to separate ferrous metals using a magnetic field. The magnetic field is created by strong permanent magnets or electromagnets. Permanent magnets obtain their magnetic properties after magnetization in magnetizers with a high magnetic field intensity. The most commonly used are ferrite magnets or neodymium magnets. Samarium-cobalt magnets are best for high temperatures. Electromagnets, on the other hand, are used in difficult conditions where long-range magnetic fields are required. Power supply is required for the electromagnet to operate. Electromagnetic separators are standardly equipped with a control cabinet with a rectifier system that converts the network voltage into direct voltage, which powers the electromagnet. As a result of current flowing through the electromagnet winding, a strong, long-range magnetic field is generated. Turning off the power causes the magnetic field to gradually decrease. In the case of separators with permanent magnets, it is not possible to "turn off" the magnetic field and it operates continuously over time.

Industrial applications of magnetic separators

  • Separation of tramp metal from coal, granite, limestone, basalt and other aggregates to protect mills and crushers.
  • Removal of metal contaminants at particular stages of cement production.
  • Recovery of iron scrap from mining and processing heaps.
  • Magnetite recovery in mechanical coal processing plants.
  • Separation of tramp iron from moulding sand.
  • Recovery of ferrous scrap from municipal and industrial waste.
  • Purification of alternative fuels RDF and compost.
  • Purification of cullet, rubber, plastics and other materials coming from recycling.
  • Purification of chips, shavings and other shredded wood materials.
  • Protection of sugar beet slicers.
  • Separation of metals from grain, feed and feed additives.
  • Removal of metal contaminants from sugar, salt, flour, coffee, powdered milk, spices, dried vegetables and other bulk food products.


Why is it worth investing in metall separators?

Failure of a crushing or grinding machine caused by metal contamination in the mined ore results in expensive repairs and forced production downtime. Each downtime carries costs, both direct, related to the need to repair the machine and lost production, and indirect, related to delivery delays, loss of customer trust or overtime. In the case of plants of strategic importance, such as coal-fired power plants, boiler failure and power unit downtime result in power outages. This may mean irreparable losses for the entire economy. Investing in an effective metal separation system extends the lifetime of process equipment and prevents failures and downtime of production lines.

With the increasing awareness of designers, technology suppliers and plant managers, it has become obvious to install a non-ferrous metal separator in modern waste processing plants. The rapid increase in the value of raw materials in recent years has meant that the investment outlays related to the purchase of a magnetic separator are completely returned after a few months of operation. However, there is still much to do. From the point of view of recovering valuable metals, mining and processing heaps seem to be the most valuable. A lot of valuable metals are also lost as a result of improperly conducted recycling processes. Energy-consuming and environmentally harmful technologies are also used - wet separation. Magnetic systems from Magnetix meet these challenges and are characterized by very high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Specialist advice on magnetic separation

The separation systems we offer are each time selected to suit your needs and requirements by a team of experienced engineers. We advise on the selection of the appropriate separation system for a specific purpose. We review the technological process parameters such as throughput, material granulation, temperature, humidity, dust, explosive atmosphere, aggressive environment. On this basis, we advise on the required separator equipment, IP protection level and anti-corrosion protection method. If there is an explosion hazard zone where the magnetic separator is installed, we conduct a detailed risk analysis and assess compliance with the ATEX directive.

We also advise on the proper use of the magnetic separator and train operating staff. We provide the necessary information on the impact of static magnetic fields and help determine safe zones. We do not forget about the most important thing, i.e. the effectiveness of separation. We advise how to best set up the magnetic separator to achieve the maximum level of product purity and recovery of valuable metals.

Comprehensive offer from Magnetix

We offer professional and comprehensive service, design, planning and support at any stage of implementing a magnetic separator in your plant. Based on the knowledge and experience of our employees, we offer the following services:

  • assembly and installation of magnetic separators and eddy currrent separators along with control and automation,
  • inspections, maintenance, renovations and repairs of magnetic separators and eddy current separators,
  • replacement of spare and quick-wearing parts,
  • measurements of magnetic flux density using a gauss meter from the renowned BELL company.

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