Rectangular lifting magnet (EP)


Rectangular lifting magnet (EP)

Rectangular lifting magnet (EP)

The EP type rectangular lifting magnet (rectangular electromagnet or electromagnetic gripper) is designed for handling sheet metal and slabs. The rectangular electromagnet with special shaped pole shoes is adapted to lift sheet metal coils with winding axis horizontal. The rectangular lifting magnet improves internal transport in steelworks, shipyards and foundries. The use of the electromagnet shortens loading times in ports, railway terminals and steel warehouses.

The rectangular lifting magnet is reliable, very robust and designed for S3 75% intermittent operation. It has high attractive force, high lifting capacity and high handling efficiency. The electromagnet has a high-quality winding made of aluminum tape with the highest class of insulation. This makes it resistant to high temperatures and very durable.

Performance features of the rectangular lifting magnet from Magnetix

  • High-quality electromagnet winding made of aluminum tape, insulation class C up to 300°C.
  • Relative duty cycle 75%. Maximum cycle time 10 minutes.
  • Excellent thermal properties and optimal heat dissipation from the interior of the lifting magnet.
  • Handling of hot materials up to 650°C.
  • Adjustment of electromagnet current and attraction force by digital AC / DC converter.
  • Shortest magnetization / demagnetization time of the lifting magnet.
  • High handling efficiency compared to competitive solutions.

Application areas of the rectangular lifting magnet

  • Handling of single sheets and sheets in packages.
  • Loading sheet metal and wire coils with winding axis horizontal.
  • Handling of cast ingots, slabs and billets with temperatures up to 650°C.
  • Handling of iron and steel castings in foundries.

Rectangular lifting magnet during operation

Versions of the rectangular lifting magnet

  • Type EP-1B rectangular lifting magnet with 1 active magnetic pole intended for thick sheets and sheets in packages.
  • Type EP-2B rectangular lifting magnet with 2 active magnetic poles intended for billets and single steel profiles.
  • Type EP-3B rectangular lifting magnet with 3 active magnetic poles intended for thin sheets and bundles of bars, pipes and other steel profiles.
  • Rectangular electromagnet with special shaped pole shoes designed for sheet metal coils.

Additional equipment of the lifting magnet:

  • Control cabinet for power supply, control and monitoring of the lifting magnet.
  • Digital AC/DC converter providing precise regulation of electromagnet current, quick circuit discharge function and tipping function.
  • Emergency back-up power supply system provided with immediate voltage failure signalling and switching over to the emergency
    battery supply.
  • Spring-driven or motor-driven cable reel supplying power to the lifting magnet.
  • Remote control from the gantry operator control panel.
  • Radio control for ground personnel.
  • Chain slings.

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