Magnetic filter (FM)


Magnetic filter (FM)

Magnetic filter (FM)

The FM type magnetic filter (magnetic trap) is designed for semi-automatic removal fine iron contaminants from liquid or semi-liquid raw materials in pressure pipelines. The magnetic filter protects pumps, centrifuges and dosing machines against damage caused by metal contaminants, and also protects the consumer against eating dangerous metal pieces.

The magnetic filter is reliable, very durable and designed for continuous operation. It has the highest metal separation efficiency. The magnetic filter enables the separation of filings, iron oxides and even some types of stainless steel. The high-power neodymium permanent magnets used in magnetic bars have high coercivity, which makes them difficult to demagnetize. Therefore, the magnetic filter has a long service life.

Performance features of the magnetic filter from Magnetix

  • Customized design of the magnetic filter.
  • Execution with approval for the food industry.
  • Separator efficiency above 99%.
  • Semi-automatic cleaning of captured metals.
  • Loose flanges for simple installation in the pipeline.
  • Pipeline diameter up to DN300.
  • Neodymium or samarium-cobalt magnetic bars.
  • Flux density reaching 12 000 G on magnetic bars.
  • High coercive magnetic material.
  • Working temperature up to 300°C.

Applications areas of the magnetic filter

  • Removal of metal contaminants from jams, mousses, fruit and vegetable purees.
  • Separation of metals from liquid chocolate and other liquid or semi-liquid food products.
  • Purification of potato pulp.
  • Separation of iron particles from liquid ceramic masses for the production of glaze.
  • Cellulose purification.
  • Oil filtration in industrial equipment lubrication and cooling installations.
  • Separation of steel filings from used machine oils and technical emulsions.
  • Industrial scrubbers.


Magnetic filter during operation

Versions of the magnetic filter

  • FM type magnetic filter cleaned manually or semi-automatically.
  • FM-W type magnetic filter type FM-W with a water heating jacket that prevents products from solidifying in the filter housing, such as fats, oils, chocolate, confectionery masses, etc.
  • FM-HT type magnetic filter with high-temperature magnets for operation at temperatures up to 300°C.
  • FM-I type magnetic filter with an insulating jacket preventing heat loss of the transported medium.
  • FM-W-I type magnetic filter with a water heating jacket and an insulating jacket preventing heat loss of the heating water.


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