Manufacturer of magnetic separators metal detectors and lifting magnets

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  • Mining industry

    Equipment for the separation of metals from coal, limestone, clinker, granite and other minerals

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  • Recycling

    Equipment and complete plants for the recovery of metals in the recycling of various materials

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    Equipment for the detection and separation of metals in food products

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We offer equipment for the complex separation of metal objects in industry:

  • magnetic filters for removal of metal impurities in liquid substances
  • lifting magnets for handling ferromagnetic materials of different weight and shape


We have been in the magnetic systems market since 2000

Since 2022, the company's headquarters have been located in the Toruń Technology Park

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MAGNETIX company is the biggest producer of magnetic systems in Poland which are delivering all over the Europe and the World. Our specialization is designing and manufacturing of industrial metal separators.  

Magnetic and electromagnetic separators are delivering for that kind industrial installations like mining, power plants, chemistry, recycling and food production

Individual approach

Magnetix is manufacturing many kinds and sizes of magnetic separators for mobile crushing machines and sieves, like magnetic pulleys, drums and over-belt magnetic separators with electric or hydraulic drive

Installations and servicing

As a producer with all staff of engineers and technics we are realizing also not typical projects which we designing especially on Customer wish in short time and very competitive price.

Highest quality

For our Customers we have a demo park with few types of metal separators which can be using for testing many kinds products. It is very important for many projects for establishing type and size of metal separators for the best effectiveness of metal separation.



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