Magnetic transport

The Magnetix offer includes a wide range of magnetic systems for most efficient transport of ferromagnetic materials. Lifting magnets, electromagnets, grippers and magnetic conveyors improve the material handling process in manufacturing plants, steel mills, foundries, shipyards and scrap processing plants.

Electromagnets and electromagnetic grippers from Magnetix simplify the process of lifting and handling steel products, regardless of their size, weight and shape.

The use of electromagnets eliminates the use of hooks and special mechanical handles that cause damage to the transported material. Electromagnets also help to reduce the number of employees, improve safety at the plant and increase the speed and efficiency of loading.

Magnetic conveyors from Magnetix contribute to the automation of production and reducing the amount of space occupied by the production line. Magnetic conveyors are used to transport steel elements at a large angle or even in an inverted position. Magnetic conveyors also enable the movement of oily and sharp-edged steel waste that may damage the belts of traditional conveyors.

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