Steel products


Steel products handling


We recommend the following equipment for steel products handling:

  • Circular lifting magnet
  • Rectangular lifting magnet
  • Set of lifting magnets
  • Permanent lifting magnet
  • Magnetic conveyor


Circular lifting magnet (EO)

Round electromagnet for handling scrap iron and sheet metal coils with winding axis vertical.

Rectangular lifting magnet (EP)

Rectangular electromagnet for handling sheets, slabs and sheet metal coils with winding axis horizontal.

Cross-beam lifting magnets

Electromagnets for handling long sheets, bundles of bars, pipes and other steel profiles up to 18 m long.

Magnetic gripper (CMP)

Moving and positioning steel elements, palletizing steel cans. Additional equipment for industrial robots.

Magnetic conveyor (TM)

Conveying of steel elements at a large angle, vertically or in an inverted position. Conveying of oily and sharp-edged steel scrap.

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