Magnetic gripper CMP


Magnetic gripper CMP

Permanent lifting magnet (CMP)

The CMP type magnetic gripper is designed for lifting, moving and positioning elements made of magnetic steel. The magnetic field of the magnetic gripper is switched on and off using a pneumatic actuator. The magnetic gripper can also work as a magnetic palletizer designed to place steel packaging or machine parts on a transport pallet in a way that prevents their damage. Fast depalletization is also possible using the magnetic gripper.

The CMP magnetic gripper is reliable, very robust and designed for continuous operation. The CMP gripper is characterized by high handling efficiency. The powerful neodymium permanent magnets used in the gripper have high coercivity, which makes them difficult to demagnetize. Therefore, the magnetic gripper has a long service life.

Performance features of the magnetic gripper from Magnetix

  • Custom amde magnetic gripper according to individual requirements.
  • Robust and durable design for continuous operation 24/7 under difficult working conditions.
  • Working surface of the magnetic gripper max. 800×1200 mm.
  • Magnetic field switched on and off pneumatically.
  • Powerful neodymium permanent magnets (NdFeB).
  • Low operating costs - permanent magnets do not consume electrical energy.
  • Installation method adapted to the customer's requirements.

Applications of the magnetic gripper

  • Magnetic palletization of cans, jars and bottles with steel caps.
  • Palletization and depalletization of packages with lids made of magnetic steel.
  • Positioning of steel elements and machine parts.
  • Automation of production processes.
  • Integration with industrial robots.

Magnetic gripper during operation

Working principle of the magnetic gripper

In the inactive state, the magnetic gripper is lowered onto the load. Powerful neodymium magnets placed inside the gripper housing are moved to the bottom plate (working surface of the gripper) using a pneumatic actuator. This activates the gripper and attracts the lifted load. The load is released by reactivating the actuator and moving the magnets away from the bottom plate. The operation of the gripper can be improved by using appropriate electro-pneumatic control associated with the automation of the production line.

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