Lifting magnets


Circular lifting magnet EO

Handling of ingots, pig iron, chips, steel and cast iron scrap.

Rectangular lifting magnet EP

Handling of castings, slabs, sheet metal coils and wire with winding axis horizontal.

Cross-beam lifting magnets ET

Handling of steel plates, sections, profiles, pipes and bars up to 18 m long.

Magnetic gripper CMP

Moving and positioning steel elements, palletizing steel cans. Additional equipment for industrial robots.

Magnetic conveyor TM

Conveying of steel elements at a large angle, vertically or in an inverted position. Conveying of oily and sharp-edged steel scrap.

Lifting magnets and magnetic grippers from Magnetix

Lifting magnets and electromagnetic grippers from Magnetix are used primarily in the metallurgical and steel industries. Electromagnetic grippers simplify the process of lifting and loading steel regardless of size, weight and shape. They improve internal transport in steelworks, shipyards, foundries and scrap processing plants. They shorten loading times in ports, railway terminals, steel warehouses and other plants where speed of handling is essential.

Magnetic grippers from Magnetix are designed for lifting, moving and positioning elements made of magnetic steel. They can also work as magnetic palletizers designed to place steel packaging or machine parts on transport pallets in a way that prevents them from being damaged. Using magnetic grippers, quick depalletization is also possible. Magnetic grippers contribute to the robotization and automation of production processes.

Magnetic conveyors from Magnetix are designed to transport elements made of magnetic steel at a large angle, vertically or in an inverted position. Magnetic conveyors minimize the space occupied by the production line and improve communication within the plant. They also enable the transfer of oily and sharp-edged scrap and are more durable than traditional belt conveyors.

How lifting magnet work?

The electromagnetic gripper in a non-magnetized state (disconnected from the power supply) is lowered onto the load by the crane operator. After applying the supply voltage from the control cabinet, direct current flows through the electromagnet winding. A strong magnetic field is generated at the magnetic poles of the gripper. This operating state is called magnetization of the gripper. The gripper attracts the load until the operator turns off the power. This operating state is called demagnetization of the gripper. The digital AC/DC converter installed in the control cabinet is responsible for the quick discharge function of the circuit and regulation of the electromagnet power.

Why is it worth investing in lifting magnets and magnetic conveyors?

The use of lifting magnets in your plant will improve internal transport and increase loading efficiency. Lifting magnets will eliminate the use of hooks and special mechanical handles that cause damage to the transported material. They will help reduce the number of employees and increase the level of safety at the plant. Investing in electromagnets also increases the capacity of the warehouse - there is no need to use dividers between subsequent layers of materials, maintain space between stacks and limit the height of stacks to the height of a person.

Investing in magnetic grippers and conveyors is the first step towards the implementation of Industry 4.0, where robotization and production automation play a decisive role. The initially high investment outlays associated with the purchase of a robot with a magnetic gripper will quickly pay off by optimizing production processes, increasing efficiency and reducing the costs of running the plant. It is also a way to reduce the number of low-skilled staff and reduce the risk of human error.

Specialist advice on lifting magnets

The lifting magnets and magnetic grippers we offer are each time selected to suit your needs and requirements by a team of experienced engineers. We advise on selecting the appropriate magnetic system for a specific purpose. We take into account the weight distribution, shape and surface condition of the transported material (rust, oil), as well as the deflection coefficient. On this basis, we help you select the appropriate lifting magnet or crross-beam lifting magnets. We also help you choose the appropriate length and lifting capacity of the cross-beam depending on the number of magnets used and the weight of the lifted load. We advise on power supply, control and monitoring of the operating states of lifting magnets. We select appropriate systems for emergency power supply. We also advise on the correct and safe use of the lifting magnet and train service personnel in this area.

Comprehensive offer from Magnetix

We offer professional and comprehensive service, design, planning and support at any stage of implementation of lifting magnets and magnetic grippers in your plant. Based on the knowledge and experience of our employees, we offer the following services:

  • assembly and installation of lifting magnets along with control and automation,
  • inspections, maintenance, renovations and repairs of grippers and electromagnets,
  • modernization of overhead cranes based on authorizations granted by the Office of Technical Inspection,
  • replacement of spare and quick-wearing parts,
  • measurements of magnetic field strength using a gauss meter from the renowned BELL company.

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