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    Units for separation of metals from coal and alternative fuels


    Units for separation of metals from clinker, limestone, granite and other mineral resources

  • Recycling

    Units and complete systems for the recovery of metals in the recycling processes of various materials


    Complete magnetic systems for the transport and handling of steel

  • Food industry

    Units for detection and separation of metals in food


The cilcular lifting magnet type EO is intended for lifting and handling of ferromagnetic materials: blocks, castings, sheet and wire coils with vertical axis and ferrous scrap.

The rectangular lifting magnet type EP is intended for lifting and handling of ferromagnetic materials: sheets, slabs, billets, pipes, channels and other sections, sheet and wire coils with horizontal axis.

Set of lifting magnets mounted on the common cross-beam are intended for transport and reloading of long sheets, reinforcing bars, rails and sections.

The permanent lifting magnet type CMP is intended for lifting, handling and positioning of elements made of magnetic steel.

The magnetic conveyor type TM is intended for transport parts made of ferromagnetic steel up steep incline, vertical or inverted position.


Lifting magnets

One of the devices commonly used during ferromagnetic materials transportation are definitely lifting magnets and conveyors. They are especially irreplaceable in places like:

- ports,
- railway transshipment terminals,
- steelworks,
- scrap yards.

Electric lifting magnets

We prepared for you two types of electric lifting magnets: round and rectangular. The first kind is intended primarily for the transport of scrap metal, castings or sheet coils, while the second one is mainly used for transporting long elements such as rods, pipes or profiles.

Our devices have many advantages, including:

- high work efficiency,
- high magnetic field strength, which allows a product to lift heavy items,
- the ability to adjust the power of the gripper.

Products manufactured by Magnetix have been equipped with numerous amenities, such as:

- radio or remote control for the crane operator,
- control cabinet, which manages the power supply and work-monitoring system,
- battery backup system for emergency power supply, allowing the gripper to operate during a power outage.

Permanent lifting magnet

Permanent lifting magnets are used for transporting elements made of magnetic steel. Orders for this type of equipment are often made by enterprises operating in the food industry. They use them e.g. for palletizing jars with lids made of magnetic metal or canned products.

The main advantage of using Magnetix products is their convenient fixing method, which we adjust to the individual requirements of customers. Very often they are installed on various types of industrial robot manipulators. In addition, the magnetic field in these devices is switched on and off by a pneumatic mechanism (without a power supply).

Magnetic conveyor

Magnetic conveyors are used for transporting finished and semi-finished products, especially those requiring lifting and moving over long distances in a difficult position (including vertical or inverted) at various angles.


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