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    Units for separation of metals from coal and alternative fuels


    Units for separation of metals from clinker, limestone, granite and other mineral resources

  • Recycling

    Units and complete systems for the recovery of metals in the recycling processes of various materials


    Complete magnetic systems for the transport and handling of steel

  • Food industry

    Units for detection and separation of metals in food


Rectangular lifting magnet (EP)

The rectangular lifting magnet type EP is intended for lifting and handling of ferromagnetic materials: sheets, slabs, billets, pipes, channels and other sections, sheet and wire coils with horizontal axis.

The rectangular lifting magnet improve steel handling in steelworks, ports, steel wholesalers and reloading terminals.

Advantages of rectangular lifting magnet from Magnetix

  • High efficiency of steel handling compared to traditional methods.
  • Relative operating time ED 75% in 10 min cycle. 
  • Maximum magnetic flux density >2T at reduced lifting magnet power and deadweight.
  • Adjustment of operating parameters including attractive force by electronic control.
  • Shortest lifting magnet demagnetization time. Residual magnetism below 2mT.
  • Set of lifting magnets for handling of up to 18 m long sheets and sections.

Accessories of rectangular lifting magnet

  • Control box for power supply and control of the lifting magnet.
  • DC converter to adjust the lifting magnet power with the potentiometer or tip off button. 
  • Emergency back-up power supply system provided with immediate voltage failure signalling and switching over to the emergency battery supply.
  • Spring-driven or motor-driven cable reel supplying power to the lifting magnet.
  • Remote control from the gantry operator control panel.
  • Radio control for ground personnel.
  • Chain slings.
  • Telescopic cross-beam enables lifting the materials of different length.

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