Adres: ul. Poznańska 9, Cierpice, 87-103 Toruń 5, woj. kujawsko-pomorskie

NIP: 8792669093


    Units for separation of metals from coal and alternative fuels


    Units for separation of metals from clinker, limestone, granite and other mineral resources

  • Recycling

    Units and complete systems for the recovery of metals in the recycling processes of various materials


    Complete magnetic systems for the transport and handling of steel

  • Food industry

    Units for detection and separation of metals in food


X-ray detector (DMX)

The DMX detector consists of the short belt conveyor with the integrated X-ray detector adapted to detection of foreign bodies such as: metals, glass, stones, bones, rubber, plastics etc. mainly in bulk food products or packed ones. 

The detector is able to inspect the products packed in the metallised films and identify the following defects: missing product in packaging, broken or deformed product, trapped air and crumbled product.

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